Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

   C Solutions is here to serve your search engine optimization needs. Is your website currently getting the traffic you think it deserves? If not, contact us, we can help.

   Building a website is just the first step in getting your business or service recognized online. There are a number of different things that need to happen for your website to have it's pages come up in the search engines. Are your webpages getting the ranking you think they deserve? We can help you with a number of ways to help raise your ranking in the search engines.

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Search Engine Toolbox

   Is your business website not getting as much traffic you'd like?

   Can your business serve customers in cities across the country and you don't have a good Search Engine Optimized way to reach them through the Internet?

   Our newest product is here to help - Search Engine Toolbox. Search Engine Toolbox is made to help you target your website's pages to users in dozens, or even hundreds of locations across the United States and Canada.

  To see how we can take your current web pages and make them search engine optimized for many different locations see our instructional video of Search Engine Toolbox in action, by clicking here.

Paid Versus Free Web Traffic

   If you had the choice, would you rather get something for free a number of times, or pay for it for each time you use it? This is the difference between PPC (Pay Per Click) website marketing versus organic link marketing.

   Organic link marketing is getting website traffic from the nonpaid part of search engine listings. Of course, these are free, and people deem them to be of higher relevance than the paid advertising. So, would you rather have your website come up in the free/organic listings section rather than pay to be in the advertiser section? Especially if it could mean better results? Contact us for Organic SEO help.

Search Engine Friendly Website Writing

   Is your website written and presented in a way which is search engine friendly? If not, this is probably hurting your website page ranking.

   There are a number of key things search engines are looking for in your text, and in its placement.

   Do you have your web copy written in a form search engines like, in the places where they like to find it? If not, contact us. We can help.

Business Website Search Engine Optimization

   Business websites are about more than just getting found, they are also about making money. Is your website built in a way which can make it found by the search engines and make you money? We have a number of key ways we might be able to help your website get noticed by the search engines as well as help boost your company's revenues and profits.

  Contact us today. We can help.


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