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 Our Solutions

   We specialize in building custom programs to serve any business need. We can automate your company's processes and procedures to let you
work quicker and smarter or build you a strong online presence with our cutting edge programming technology.

  Examples of what we can build for you and your business:
   * Automated systems. Eliminate paperwork and automate your business procedures and do in minutes what used to take people days or hours.
   * Databases. Compile vital information from countless sources. You get the most complete and up to the minute information
     allowing you to make the best decisions while keeping one step ahead of the competition.
   * Ecommerce websites. Eliminate the "middle man" costs and increase your profits by allowing your customers purchase your goods and services right online
     with our database driven e-commerce application.
   * Online web catalogs. Let potential customers view all your product offerings in stunning detail.
   *  Report generation.  Web based report programming and generation.
   * Web apps. We'll build your customized web apps to your exact specifications and with different levels of accessibility.

  We've changed the way countless companies do business with our custom programming solutions. Whether your starting from scratch and need a complete
top to bottom turn key solution or need to modify an existing program, Contact us for a free 60-minute consultation. The only limit to our programming solutions is your imagination.  

Types Of Programming Available

C# Programming

  We specialize in C# programming and C# Consulting in Web and Windows applications. C# is our language of choice. If you prefer VB.NET, we can build our solutions for you in those versions as well. We've trained students in both languages and have built numerous solutions in either.

ASP.NET Web Programming

  The best system available for web programming is ASP.NET. We specialize in programming ASP.NET web applications. These can be external facing, as Internet applications, or, internal facing, solely for your company's private use. It's your choice. You may want web applications which do both, allow for internal company use, as well as for select external contacts. If you're not using ASP.NET we can help. If your already using ASP.NET but not getting the results you want. Contact us. We can help you find solutions. 

   A primary reason companies decide to implement web apps is because they're doing business with Excel spreadsheets and/or paper. Those days are gone. Doing your work with web applications, like the ones we build for clients all the time, gives the benefit of instant data entry, instant data access and eliminating filing cabinets full of paper. Your work can be done anywhere you can get an Internet connection. Click here to learn more about what we can do for you and your business with ASP.NET web programming.

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Database Programming - The Untapped Opportunity

   Many of our Web and Windows applications for clients  use databases. Most rely on database reports as a decision making tool and to increase their business intelligence and gain instant insight to the most critical and up to date company information available. If you already a database system our custom programming solutions can be integrated into your current database.

   We help companies which currently don't have a database unleash their hidden potential through the use of digital data gathering with databases, rather than with Excel spreadsheets or paper that take an enormous amount of time and are prone to errors. The increased productivity and options available with a database over those other methods is enormous.

  Microsoft SQL Server is our favorite database for our customers. It gets the job done, it's fast, it's secure, and for many users, there is a free version which can take care of all their needs.

   Contact us now so we can work with you to profit and unleash these untapped opportunities for your business.

Already Have a Database? Get More Out Of It

  If your business already has a database, chances are it could be working harder and more efficiently for you. In the last few years we've seen the usability and functionality of databases dramatically increase. We can update it, connect it to web or windows applications and end any performance issues you may be having.Contact us to learn how your users can get the most out of the data you have, or, help get more data in there in a cost effective manner.

Slash Your Office Hours

    Contact us now. We can build custom applications for you and your business to help you increase your revenues, automate procedures and save you an enormous amount of time every single week. Isn't it time you ran your business even smarter than ever instead of just working harder than ever? We can help.