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Database Solutions

   Databases enable businesses to track and report on near infinite amounts of information. Databases can replace mountains of paper and transform workers from paper pushers to highly effective business intelligence professionals.

C Solutions can provide the solutions for:
   * Database Applications
   * Real Time Inventory Data
   * Real Time Sales Data
   * Real Time Profit and Loss Data
   * Systems Interfacing
   * Integration
   * Local Web Access to your data
   * Internet Web Access to your data
   * Put your product catalog on the web, updateable in real time. Try that with a brochure.
   * Presentation of graphical data
   * Form Systems

   C Solutions specializes in working with Microsoft SQL Server databases. Click here to find out more.

Once you've got your data in a database, or if you already do, we can build custom reporting systems to help your data tell you what's going on in your business, in real time.

   We can help you keep track of client data, be able to better serve them, as well as have time to focus on newer, more profitable, projects as well. Also, wouldn't you like more time at home with the family? Database systems and applications can help you do your job more efficiently, getting more done in less time. Maybe with that time savings you could be more with loved ones than slaving over mountains of paper. It's a possible perk of doing business in the digital age - higher productivity and more time saved can lead to more personal life time.

Online Product Catalog for Your Business - Your Product Database on the Web

   Does your business sell a number of different products? Are their prices changing on occasion, or more often? Are you still sending printed price sheets and brochures to clients? We can put your list of products, and their descriptions, along with pictures on the internet for your clients to see. You can have real time ability to update this information, as well as pricing. Try that with a paper brochure.

TEchnology Partner
C Solutions, Inc. has extensive
experience in database development and interface work. We are skilled in generic database technology as well as high-level database products and services.

Database Reports

   We also specialize in building custom SQL Server Reports and reports for many other databases to let your business data talk to you in real time.

Database Optimization

   Do you have database queries which are running too slow? We can help. We have helped many companies unleash their application's hidden potential that was being robbed by slow queries. We have a series of steps, including Indexes and Stored Procedures, to get the best performance possible out of your database system. Contact us now. We can help.

Disk Defragmentation Screen

   On some client systems, one of the easiest, fastest,  and cheapest performance fix that needed to be done was a simple disk defragmentation. We've been amazed at the fragmentation level on some of these PCs and the crippling effect it had on the server's overall performance. After the initial disk defragmentation the clients setup a system to have this done as a schedule computer event. Disk Defragmentation is a condition where the data on your computer files is scattered across a number of different locations on a hard drive in a number of pieces. Clearly, when a hard disk drive has to read data for a file from a large number of locations it can severely slow down the computer's performance. Here is a link on how to perform a disk defragmentation on your PC.

Stored Procedures

   Are you new to Stored Procedures, or, need some help in getting started? We can help. Contact us now.

   Or, are your Stored Procedures underperforming to your expectations? We've seen that a number of times. Sometimes there's more data than the procedure can handle quickly in how it's currently written, or other problems.  Contact us. We can help.

Database First Steps

   Perhaps your business doesn't have a database to manage your data. We can definitely help with that. Some of our clients started with Excel spreadsheets of data and couldn't keep up with all they were trying to do, or, Excel couldn't handle it. While others had ideas they wanted to have taken care of, but, didn't know how to make it happen. We can get your database system setup and optimized for you and your business.

   Also, contact us now, and, we can tell you where you can get a database system which is the same core engine as thousands of top companies use, but, for free. We can get it setup and running for you in little time. Most likely, the free version is all you need for you business.

   Contact us now. We can help.

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   Whether you want your existing data to drive other systems, or you are looking for Web-based collaboration or design automation, contact us first - we offer a free, no obligation telephone consultation. We can discuss your issues, the options, and the most cost-effective means of achieving your objectives.

Contact us now. We can help.

Technology Expertise
Microsoft SQL Server

   We specialize in the database systems listed below. We can build custom applications utilizing any one, or a combination of the system below. Additionally, we can build custom reporting systems to unleash the business intelligence which is saved in your databases. 

Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition
SQL Server Stored Procedures
SQL Server T-SQL Programming
SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition
Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access
Microsoft SQL Server

Do you have a Microsoft Access database which is giving you problems, or, poor performance? Click here to find out how we can help you by upgrading your Microsoft Access database to Microsoft SQL Server.

Microsoft SQL Server Express

     Microsoft SQL Server Express is a relational database system which can handle the needs of most every small business. Also, it's available at a cost everyone can afford - free.

   It uses the same database engine as the versions of Microsoft SQL Server which are available, at a pride. To find out more about Microsoft SQL Server Express, click here.


   SQLite is a lightweight database system. We have used SQLite in our iPhone application development.  It allows database operations to be done with a minimal amount of computing resources needed. For some applications, SQLite can be just the right database. 

What Do you Want

Automatically update systems as database changes occur?
Add specialized functionality to your generic database?
Link your databases with new or existing technology?
Eliminate duplication and share data across multiple locations?
Further automate processes?Label

Is your business getting the benefits that only databases can bring?

These include the ability to have:

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